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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grand Canyon Reader

The Grand Canyon Reader Award Program is off to a great start! This is the third year that Telesis has participated in this great program. The purpose of this program is for children to read recent, high quality books and to vote for their favorite. Students participate all over the state of Arizona from October through February. Each year, Telesis purchases copies of these books for our school library and holds a voting party in the spring for those who have participated in the program.

Voting Requirements

1. The titles in the appropriate categories are read and voted upon by the state's children during the period from announcement through the voting deadline, October through February. Students may read (and vote for) books in more than one category.

2. To become qualified voters, young readers must be exposed to at least five (5) of the nominated books in the Picture book and Non-fiction category by:

reading the books themselves.
having the books read to them.
a combination of the two.

Intermediate and Tweens must read 3 of the 10.

3. Public library programs do not preclude young readers participating with their class group at school or in school library programs.

4. Qualified voters are allowed one vote each in that category. Students may vote in more than one category if 5 books in the Picture or Non-fiction category are read, 3 in the Intermediate and Tween category.

More information can be obtained by asking Mrs. Amy Hanon, Telesis Literacy Coach, or a visit to the Grand Canyon Reader website at: