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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tax Credit Letter

Dear Arizona Residents,
As the year draws to an end, I’m thinking about what I always think about: our students. 
After more than 40 years working in education, from teaching in local district schools to opening and teaching in a private school, to converting the private school to a charter school when the Charter School Movement first began, I’m convinced the most powerful tool we have to prepare more kids for college, career, and life is the small school that controls the class size and offers individualized educational opportunities to all students such as Telesis Preparatory Academy.
Telesis has been educating students in Lake Havasu City since 1991 and we have a genuine and sincere interest in making it the best school it can be. Students have been asking for a gymnasium on our campus for many, many years. The process has been long and hard, but the final steps were achieved last week. Telesis Preparatory Academy will break ground on the new gymnasium on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014. Since I know how passionate you are about helping our students succeed and the extracurricular activities that they all deserve to have, some which will take place right in our very own new gymnasium, I wanted to ask for your help. 
It takes parents, teachers, administrators, all of us coming together, to create the kind of school our children deserve.
We have only five days left this year. Your $400 (if you are married and file jointly or $200 if you file as a single) will help us to continue to offer extracurricular activities in the only non-profit charter school in Havasu. One that has been “home-grown” to fit the needs of our students with a philosophy of planned progress inherent in our very name, Telesis.  
Please make a tax credit donation to Telesis Preparatory Academy now by completing the form at the link below with your check for the amount you choose and dropping it in our drop box or mailing it to 2598 Starlite Lane Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403.

I have taken that brave step to start a charter school in our community and have worked hard to bring a gymnasium to our campus for students whose families have chosen Telesis Preparatory Academy as the educational choice best suited for their children. Therefore, we need to be ready to support their every ambition that we possibly can and that includes extracurricular activities.
For 22 years, Telesis Preparatory Academy has been a part of the fabric of the educational community in Lake Havasu City, so we look to you the residents of our city and our state to help with this endeavor to provide extracurricular activities of all kinds for our students.
Telesis Preparatory Academy gives parents, students and teachers the freedom to find creative, innovative ways to respond to students’ unique needs. But to continue providing this kind of support for extracurricular activities for students who will soon have a brand new gymnasium we can all be proud of, we need your help right away.
Please help us before midnight, December 31. Our students will be grateful for the extracurricular activities they love that round out their quality education at Telesis and, in some cases, keeps them in school, but we need you to act now with a tax-credit contribution before the year ends.
Let’s make 2013 the year the tax credit contributions supported our school’s extracurricular activities like no other year; the year the effort which has literally taken years and years to secure the funding for our new gymnasium has finally become reality. Please contribute to the Telesis Tax Credit Program today.

Thank you, 
Sandra K. Breece, Ed.D.
Superintendent, Principal  & Founder
Telesis Center for Learning, Inc.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The graduating Class of 2013 graced us with several “Telesis Firsts” such as the first class to graduate with ALL graduates planning to continue their education and the first class to receive so many scholarships totaling $135, 575. They made us proud!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

National School Choice Week

As we wrap up National School Choice Week 2013, I couldn't be prouder of our students, our staff, and our school. So many accomplishments, I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just list them here in random order.
  • We have a contender for the County Spelling Bee - Intermediate Student Jensen Clark 
  • We had a total of 45 Perfect Attendance students for our 100th Day of Attendance and recognized them in front of the entire student body at our Got Choice assembly on the 100th day. Telesis never encourages students to come to school ill, but we certainly want to recognize students who do manage to get there every day. Attendance is the key to your child's success!
  • I have been horored with the nomination by the Telesis staff, or Telesis Team as I like to call them, for the first ever Living Magazine's 2013 Woman of the Year. The amazing surprise is that I got it! I am humbly grateful for the amazing people that make up the great staff at Telesis. All are dedicating their lives to doing positive things for kids.
  • We are on track to add a long-awaited gymnasium to our campus, plus four additional classrooms. Construction to start soon!
  • Early Elementary teachers jumped right in to exercise the Telesis Philosophy of individualization and our motto "Challenge without Frustration" by rearranging student placement so that students can have the best opportunities to learn. That's what Telesis is all about!
  • Our anonymous donors for our Palm Springs Get-Away have offered their luxury vacation home once again to allow a great fundraising opportunity, so one lucky ticket-purchaser will get a 3-day stay of your choice in this beautiful, recently remodeled home in Palm Springs. Drawing to be held March 14th and you don't have to be present to win. Only 250 tickets will be sold. Get yours today!
  • Our first semester performing arts class performed Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, a production with lots of dialog, at the GraceArtsLive Theatre and Grace Ann, our drama teacher, and Jason Fallis, our vocal teacher, and I couldn't have been prouder how they rose to the occasion to make a spectacular evening for the audience to enjoy and appreciate their hard work and last-minute burst of confidence. Congrtulations to the cast!
  • Telesis teachers and I initiated a new narrative process which was more challenging than anticipated, but we've pulled through it and narratives are soon ready to go out to patient parents who are waiting to know how their children performed during first semester in all classes and subject areas.
  • Last, but not least, National School Choice Week was wonderful with our kickoff assembly including guest speaker Dr. Marv Lamer, Arizona’s Associate Superintendent of Highly Effective Schools, sharing memories of how Telesis has grown from 9 students 21 years ago to the current enrollment approaching 500 today. All our students whose families chose a quality education at Telesis! Every student received a tiger arm band which states, "I Choose Telesis." The Telesis Cheerleading Squad and Tiger Mascot prepared a Got Choice Cheer at my request at the very last minute and performed it for all of us at the assembly. Thank you as it added pizzazz to what was already an exciting day to kickoff an exciting week. After the assembly every student tied a gold ribbon to the fence to spell out TELESIS to indicate their choice for a quality education.
I guess I could go on and on, but you already know the quality education available at Telesis because you have probably chosen Telesis for your children and if not, please plan to come to our March 14th Community Open House, Book Fair, and Science Fair to learn more of this great opportunity for all Lake Havasu City students, completely tuition FREE.