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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Telesis Receives K-12 Accreditation from NCA

Telesis Preparatory Academy, a public tuition-free K-12 school, recently received dual-accreditation. Telesis has been fully accredited, but now boasts dual-accreditation from North Central Accreditation (NCA) agency, under its new parent company AdvancED, the largest accreditation agency in the world. For more than a year, Telesis Team Leaders, Tom Dornton, Amy Hanon, and Doug Lawslo gathered documented proof of the school’s advancements and credentialed improvements. Members of the NCA agency visited the school for their culminating review on May 5th. Official notice of the full K-12 accreditation came on July 1st. Achieving this accreditation status makes Telesis Preparatory Academy the only school in Lake Havasu City to have accreditation for grades K-8, as well as, the more commonly earned accreditation of grades 9-12 from North Central. For more information about Telesis Preparatory Academy see the school’s website at