Charater Trait of the Month


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Concert Fundraiser - an Educational Opportunity

GraceArtsLive has invited Telesis Intermediate Students to partner with the cast of Broadway's Best performers Eric Kunze and Gina De Luca, former students of Telesis Performing Arts teacher Grace Ann Etcheberria-Jacobs. On March 25, 26, and 27 and again on April 1, 2, and 3, students will join Eric on stage to sing along with him for the audience to enjoy. Forty plus students are in rehearsal now to be prepared for their special weekend, half of which will perform in March and the other half in April. Tickets are $25 for adults and $12 for children 17 and under, allowing Telesis students and staff to earn a portion of the proceeds for the Telesis Expansion Project. Purchase a voucher from a Telesis Team Member or student to exchange for the performance date of your choice. Don't wait too long as all six shows promise to be sold out and tickets must be distributed by March 23. Call for vouchers by leaving a message at 855-8661 Ext. 10.

Monday, March 7, 2011

D.A.R.E. Graduation

Telesis Second-Year Intermediate students (traditional 5th graders) were beaming as they ascended the stage at the Aquatic Center upon their graduation on Friday from the city-wide D.A.R.E. program. LHC Police Officers proudly shook their hands and provided them with cake and a pool party afterwards.
Aaron Lyon and Katrina Boleratzky
D.A.R.E. Essay Contest Winners from Telesis