Charater Trait of the Month


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Character Education at Telesis

Telesis Preparatory Academy initiated our Character Education program in 2003 when a grant-in-kind was obtained from the international program called Character First!. Since then, the program has grown and grown with the addition of a student-driven Character Council with representatives from every classroom and with classroom teachers and specialists teaching and emphasizing the 49 Character First! Qualities focusing on the “Character Quality of the Month” each month. We have shared this message by providing Character First! and Character Council information on our website listing us as a Character First! School with notes home to parents explaining our character education goals. Out of our Character Council has grown several successful programs: Character Cops, Family Movie Nights, and Telesis Silent Witness. We are now seeking to collaborate with organizations in the community to assist our ongoing character education efforts striving to take our Character First! School to an even higher level: A Character First! Community.

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