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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Telesis Alumni

From time to time I think it is important to recognize Telesis Graduates, our alumni, in what they have accomplished and what they have become. If you are reading this and you are a Telesis Alum, please email me or comment to this post to tell me where you are and what you are doing, so I can spotlight you in this way.

I would like to recognize a Telesis Graduate of the Class of 1999 and one that I see every day, Erika DeJulio. I see Erika every day because she works at Telesis! She not only graduated from Telesis, but she went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University and has returned to “her roots” to teach at her alma mater. She now is in pursuit of her Masters Degree. Erika is the Reading Intervention Assistant and works closely with Mrs. Amy Hanon, the Telesis Literacy Coach. Every day Erika helps young students who are learning how to read get better at it. She is patient and kind, persistent and determined to help them which are many of the qualities it takes to succeed in this position.

We at Telesis are proud of you, Erika, and of the good character you have demonstrated in your many achievements. At Telesis, character always comes first.

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